Seeking a job or career change can create stress, anxiety, and fear.  A winning résumé for the student graduating from college or the person making a career change can make you more attractive to an employer. You have the power to take control of whom you are and where you are going. 

     * Distinguish the type of resume that is best for a graduating college senior or for making a career change

     * Take charge of your career path and goals

     * Recognize your strengths, abilities and unidentified skills

     * Realize the importance of writing well thought out and powerful statements

     * Include transferable skills

     * Grow to be more assertive through your resume

     * Etiquette for sending your resume on-line


Résumé Writing

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Helpful Tips:

The importance of a good résumé is to get you recognized and help market yourself.  We will assess your strengths and customize a resume to assist you in reaching your goal.

    *  Your resume is your first point of contact with employers.

    *  Technology has revolutionized the information your transmit about yourself.   

    *  Most resumes today are not read, but scanned and need to contain buzz words to get noticed.

    *  Your online profile is your new resume (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube)

    *  Effective resumes get you noticed.

    *  Format and structure matters (functional, chronological, or combination.



Discover the importance of writing an effective high school resume and make your accomplishments work for you.  Résumé writing for the college admissions process allows you to evaluate your goals and objectives.  College Bound and Beyond will assist you in developing an individual profile of your accomplishments and achievements; and portray a professional aspect to your individuality.

A résumé for students (including those in middle school) is extremely important.  It parallels work experiences in school with the real world of work, and helps:

     * Organize your thoughts

     * Recognize your skills, interests and abilities

     * Make your “learning (dis)ability” become your greatest ability

     * Seek internships, part time and/or summer jobs while in school

     * Make more educated college and career choices

     * Learn how to project a more professional image

     * Assist in recognizing and achieving goals and objectives

     * Increase self esteem

     * Understand what a resume can help you accomplish